Lead with right values and attitudes – Dr Felix Anyah

Dr Felix Anyah

Dr Felix Anyah has called on all young Ghanaian professionals to lead their lives and career guided by values and standards rather than the chase for fame.

The multiple award winning health leader and owner of the holy trinity spa made the call at 12th Pillars of Modern Ghana Conference and awards 2019 which was held on Accra last Wednesday.

“If you look at successful companies and individuals, one thing that makes them outstanding is their right values and attitudes, it is the same thing that runs through all the awardees”, Dr Anyah said.

“As we leave this place, I charge you all to lead with values and positive attitudes which are sustainable. This will make Ghana a better place, make better individuals and companies which can compete with successful industries in other parts of the world”, he concluded.

The 2019 most respected CEO also received a prestigious recognition award on the night for his selfless service and patriotism to Ghana.

While the inscription of the plaque read “selfless service and great patriot”, the citation read in his honor, indicated how he waived his salary and allowances to the Hospital as acting CEO of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital”

Dr Felix Anyah (Left) receives his prestigious award for patriotism

Speaking to the media, Dr Felix Anyah remarked that the Holy Trinity Medical Centre has over the last decades devoted itself to selfless services to caring for people over 40 years.

Dr Anyah added that, despite service to humanity through his practice as a medical doctor, the holy trinity services, and by serving as the immediate past ceo of the Korle Bu Teaching, the best he could do was to continue giving back to the society.

“Korle Bu trained me as a CEO; the Ghana government has also invested in me. The best I can do is also to give back; to help the society,” Dr Anya intoned.

Some distinguished persons who graced the event include Isaac Douse, chairman of the governing council at the Wisconsin International University college and Dr Leticia Adelaide Appiah, executive director of the National Population Council.

The 12th Pillars of Modern Ghana Conference and awards 2019 was organized by the West Africa International Press Limited.

About Dr Felix Anyah

Dr Felix Anyah grew up with excellent human relations, entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropy, marketing, writing and counseling skills and with boldness to use the legal system to advance his career.

The former Chief Executive Officer of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, is the founder of the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm.

The plush, riverbank Holy Trinity SPA offers integrative medicine in the care of several ill-health including physical addictions to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, mood disorders, obesity, stress management, health vacation, wellness, aesthetic medicine, convalescence and healthy lifestyle conferencing.

The SPA is a major Health/Medical Tourism destination in West Africa, with several awards including:

The “Most Patronized Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa” (2010) by the New Ghanaian Magazine (2010)

The “Best” Health/Medical Tourism Destination in West Africa by the West Africa Magazine (2008)

On 26 May 2017, Dr. Anyah shall be receiving award as one of TOP 100 Tourism Personality in West Africa.

The pioneering role by Dr. Anyah in WELLNESS in Ghana has been rewarded with the;

Special Award for promotion of a Healthy Society in Ghana by the Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners (2008)

National Honour – Contribution to Primary Health Care in Ghana b y Ghana Employers Association (1998)

The Nelson Mandela Gold Award for Exemplary Leadership & Transparent Virtues (2008)

Golden Star Award for Exemplary Leadership in Health Delivery in West Africa (2008)

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Outstanding Merit – Africa Leadership Award by West Africa Magazine (2004)

These are among several awards on leadership exuding from his values of truth, integrity, transparency, sacrifice, charities for the needy and humility with boldness, innovation, passion, commitment, confidence, stoicism.