#EBOLAWATCH: Top 15 Social Media accounts to follow (LIKE NOW!)

Social media has been identified to be playing a huge role in the ongoing Ebola Outbreak. It has been the best place for the latest figures, response,updates and of course all the myths and fears!..To satisfy your doubts you can check what Symplur has about ‘Ebola on Social media’.

Indeed the, @WHO and @CDC is inherent of all that needs to be known;credible information on preventive behaviors,about the disease and the ongoing outbreak,as it happens, and (the delayed) response.Not sure you arent following yet, that you should,whilst i take you through who else is worth following to save you the hassle.

This isn’t in any order, but i got favorites and hey forgive symplur for not finding some of these

  1. @UNbanbury : Head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response(UNMEER) and tweets on his trips and response by the UN as well as engagements on the ground.
  2. @unkyoka: As a Proud Ebola survivor there is no doubt he is the guy to follow especially when he finds time to engage effectively. A freelance journalist and human rights advocate, specializing in extractive industries and Africa.
  3. @EbolaAlert : The Nigerian Evidence-driven group of volunteer professionals working on Ebola prevention interventions through sharing of updates articles and educative information on prevention. It has the largest following and the most engaging so far.
  4. @EbolaGhana: Alerts and updates from Ghana and activities of volunteers towards community awareness. Occassionally sharing educative info and updates.
  5. @Scrowe_unicef :Spokesperson for UNICEF @ New York HQ, tweets about the agency’s intervention and her personal trips from the ground.
  6. Sierra leone MOH on facebook : Provides daily updates with figures of the outbreak in the country. The updates include donations the ministry has received from donors each day.
  7. @UmaruFofanu : Sierra Leonean journalist reporting for the Reuters,BBC and Politico. Presently the only journalist live reporting and breaking the news especially that from S/L
  8. @DrTomFriedenCDC :Head of the CDC at the frontlines of the outbreak. Routinely engages with followers in a webchat, shares links from the CDC websites and updates on response by the center.
  9. @nursefriendly : The US based registered nurse, a ‘tall’ social media influencer for healthcare, seems to have developed #NursesFightEbola to share about the Ebola disease
  10. @agnesbinagwaho: Rwanda’s minister of health. updates on Rwanda’s preparations and activities by the ministry
  11. @katiemeyler : Katie founder of “More than Me” Charity school, uses her Instagram account to bring to life the stories of the people of Liberia.She captures live, survivors, persons infected to all response delivered to her to support her cause.
  12. @DrRichardBessar:ABC News Chief Medical Editor, provides news updates from the US and the news from affected countries.
  13. @hniman : Tracking the Ebola virus like i have never seen, with data..Seems to agrees more of his profile.. “Tracking and analyzing H1N1 and H3N2 swine flu, MERS-CoV, and Ebola”
  14. @maiamajumder: an MIT  Research fellow, Engineer, epidemiologist tweeting everything infectious disease, biostatistics, data analytics. Her data visualisations on the outbreak worth seeing and following.
  15. @rocza: blogger and professional editor and writer in the medical sciences and humanities, creating the balance of what needs to be reported and considered.

Do you have anyone i left out?..Lets build the numbers, leave your comment


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