Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sama Richard wins Best Journalist in West Africa for Impactful Reporting on Mental Health

Sama Tounwendsida Hugues Richard, a Burkina Faso based journalist forL'Observateur Paalga : Quotidien d'Information du Burkina Faso  has been named the 2019 West Africa Journalist of the Year for his impactful reporting of mental health in Burkina Faso. Richard was one of 21 finalists selected for outstanding reporting in...

NGOs donate medical equipment worth USD 175,000 to health facilities in Lambussie district

Two Non-Governmental Organizations based in Ghana and the USA respectively;Comprehensive Care Foundation (CCF) and Medplus Connect have collaborated to donate medical equipment and consumables worth USD 175,000.00 to the Lambussie District Health Directorate in the Upper West region of Ghana. The donation was to assist in improving access to quality...

The HIV epidemic will not end unless we prioritise youth mental health

Mental illness puts young people at risk of infection and makes them less likely to seek care, says King’s College London’s Melanie Abas. Over the last two decades, the world has made huge gains in the control of the HIV epidemic. But now, these gains are at risk of...

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