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Health Voices is a series of Health stories of people who experience them. Stories to advocate for the next patient and improve individual health and health care services.

This series breaks down barriers and challenges decisions to improve patient safety and basically concerned with advocacy for patients, survivors, and carers.

Prioritize the Youth in Development Policy Making – WAHO DG

Director General of the West Africa Health Organization (WAHO), Professor Stanley Okolo, has advised all governments and relevant stakeholders to prioritize the youth in development policy making since they contribute to the largest population in the ECOWAS region. Prof Okolo, iterated the need for the voices of the...

Sama Richard wins Best Journalist in West Africa for Impactful Reporting on Mental Health

Sama Tounwendsida Hugues Richard, a Burkina Faso based journalist forL'Observateur Paalga : Quotidien d'Information du Burkina Faso  has been named the 2019 West Africa Journalist of the Year for his impactful reporting of mental health in Burkina Faso. Richard was one of 21 finalists selected for outstanding reporting in...

The HIV epidemic will not end unless we prioritise youth mental health

Mental illness puts young people at risk of infection and makes them less likely to seek care, says King’s College London’s Melanie Abas. Over the last two decades, the world has made huge gains in the control of the HIV epidemic. But now, these gains are at risk of...

I Prefer Injection, I Read On the Internet

It's a cold morning -- a few minutes after eight. A doctor is drowned in fatigue and looks a lot more like bulls in a China shop. His focus is on the fleeting hands on the clock that hangs above him. Like a bored stranger, he's itching to leave. The morning team is filing in....

Speeding to end AIDS – Its time to Know your HIV Status!

The World Health Organization estimates that there are about 37 million people living with HIV worldwide. New HIV infections were projected to be around 2 million in 2014, with 1.2 million people dying of AIDS-related illnesses. In the Africa Region, there were an estimated 1.4 million new HIV infections in 2014. AIDS-related deaths in...

Ebola Vaccine Components Do Not Cause Ebola Disease!

In Ghana, our Parliamentarians have banned Ebola vaccine trials out of panic that trials amount to importing the disease. As is the practice when anyone makes critical comments of Ghanaian Parliamentarians, they have promptly summoned a professor of clinical pharmacology, Alex Dodoo, before their Privileges Committee for interrogating the scientific basis of their decision.

Between Ebola and Cassava Flakes

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa is hardly an ideal time for residents in the region to embark on foreign travel. As it turns out, the Americans, many millions of miles away from the action point, are even more paranoid. The decision to fly two infected Americans home from Liberia while treating...

The return of ‘Cash and Carry’?

Mahama under Siege! When President John Mahama described his turbulent first hundred days in office as a real baptism of fire, he had no clue he had probably seen his best days yet! Today, after a bout of fuel shortage, demonstration by middle class protestors calling for better governance, saga of a moribund Black Stars management...

Lessons for Ghana in Health Care

This week, Mexico’s Minister of Health, Hon. Mercedes Juan, and the National Academy of Medicine under the distinguished patronage of its President, Dr. Enrique Ruelas, invited various international experts to share global perspectives on planning a national quality strategy at a summit called to take stock and raise the stakes after 12 years of...

Fighting counterfeit drugs in Ghana

The doctor prescribes an unnamed medication to manage your pain. It comes in flawless packaging …almost. In this true account as relayed by multinational Pfizer, the color has been clinched with floor polish and lead-containing paint while brick dust has been improvised as an adhesive. To top it, boric acid, known for its deleterious...

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