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Adequate nutrition critical part of Health – Nutrition expert

When faced with a crisis, our natural reaction is to deal with its immediate threats. Ateka* came to the make-shift clinic with profuse diarrhoea: they diagnosed cholera. The urgent concern in the midst of that humanitarian crisis was to treat the infection and send her home as quickly as possible.   But she came back...

Nyaho Medical Centre rolls out Family Medicine Postgraduate Training Programme

Nyaho Medical Centre, a leading private healthcare facility in Ghana has commenced the roll-out of a Family Medicine Training Programme. This program trains Medical Doctors in the specialized field of Family Medicine. Announcing the launch of the preceptorship programme at a media briefing in Accra, the Centre’s Program...

Speeding to end AIDS – Its time to Know your HIV Status!

The World Health Organization estimates that there are about 37 million people living with HIV worldwide. New HIV infections were projected to be around 2 million in 2014, with 1.2 million people dying of AIDS-related illnesses. In the Africa Region, there were an estimated 1.4 million new HIV infections in 2014. AIDS-related deaths in...

#RightByHer: Reducing the gap between the reality and rights of every woman’s health

WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS? Do you know what your rights are? Do you really have the rights you are entitled to? Fifty-one out of fifty-four African countries have committed to ensuring women’s  and girls' rights as enshrined in a legal framework known as the Maputo...

Merck quits Supply of Life-Saving Vaccine To Millions Of children in West Africa

The pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Inc. is ending a long-term agreement to supply a lifesaving vaccine for children in West Africa. At the same time, the company has started sending the vaccine to China, where it will likely be sold for a much higher price.

EBOLA Outbreak: Why Ghana can’t take any chances

West Africa is presently battling with an Ebola Virus disease outbreak (EVD), but for us in Ghana, we have been spared, of course with some suspected cases, all turning out to be negative.

World Cerebral Palsy Day: Move as One [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 6th is celebrated as World Cerebral Palsy Day to celebrate and affirm the lives of the 17 million people living with Cerebral Palsy (CP). This social movement began in 2012 as a global vision to create real change for people living with CP. Cerebral palsy is a physical...

What to do if your child Swallowed a coin, foreign bodies

My child swallowed a coin, what next?! It's extremely common for children to swallow foreign objects like coins, beads, marbles, small toys or sand through accident or purpose. Young children are attracted to shiny objects. They explore their world by touching everything, and put everything in their mouth as...

Boy,20, abandoned by parents over deformed finger; considers suicide

The struggle of life they say begins at birth and that is exactly what Samuel Benin’s story epitomizes. Born with a polysyndactyly (fused extra finger) of the right thumb, Samuel Benin was left with a painful start to his journey in life. The deformity diluted the motherly love of Samuel’s mother who abandoned him. He was...

Timing of Your Meals Might Reduce Heart Risks

People who want a healthy heart should be mindful of not only what they eat, but when they eat, according to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA). The report is a response to the growing evidence that timing matters when it comes to heart disease risk, said Marie-Pierre St-Onge, the lead...

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