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Virtual reality, to shape the future of surgery?

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A team of doctors worked together to carry out a surgery on a woman in a London hospital but only one of the doctors was in the room at the time, with the others in India, the US and at another London hospital.

The team actually used a virtual reality technology, making other doctors around the world were to participate in the consultation.

Watch this video of how it all happened. Video courtesy Al Jazeera.

The world’s first surgery to be broadcast live through virtual reality happened in London around April 2016.

Dr Shafi Ahmed, a cancer surgeon at the Royal London Hospital who is quoted by the Telegraph to have pioneered VR surgery, bradcasted the first live surgery – in virtual reality.

The operation was performed on a British man in his 70s, with colon cancer and  streamed to thousands of medical students (and anyone else) watching on VR headsets such as £10 Google Cardboard and their smartphones.

The benefits of VR to clinicians today include higher quality simulation, planning, and patient staging, as well as improved capabilities for interventional radiologists and coupling of diagnostic radiology expertise, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.

Is Africa ready for this yet?..How can this benefit our existing healthcare systems?


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