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University of Ghana Medical School Sanitation: Situation Improves after Reportage


Two weeks after our report on the insanitary conditions at the Korle-Bu Campus of the University of Ghana Medical School and the imminent disease outbreak as a result of the situation, Ghanahealthnest.com can confirm that swift action has been taken to improve the situation.


A visit the school’s hostels on Wednesday revealed that the washrooms that were reported to be littered with water sachets and soap wrappers and toothbrushes, have now been cleaned.


Jonas Nyabor, who followed up after reporting on the situation says the clogged sinks had been cleared and the overflowing refuse bins emptied.


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Akyea Ato-Brewoo, President of the University of Ghana Medical Students Association (UGMSA) confirmed some sanitation services had been carried out during the week upon the instruction of the wardens at the various Blocks.


At the ‘D’ block, the urinal bowls that had been heavily stained are now clean.

The University of Ghana Medical School has over one thousands students with majority of them resident in the four hostels on Korle-Bu Campus. The local workers’ union; Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU) and the Federation of University Senior Staff Association of Ghana (FUSSAG) have been on strike since February this year over the nonpayment of their market premium, resulting in most of the sanitation services being suspended.


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By: Jonas Nyabor/Ghana Health Nest


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