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A Teethlicious Team Member Gone too soon :(

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Just after a long day, as I was about settling down to edit the next Teethlicious Tuesday update, my whatsapp tone started buzzing nonstop, I usually will ignore a tone to read later well except it’s from my husband. The nonstop tone made me curious to read what was happening in this usually quiet whatsapp group (I have very sane respectful colleagues, I love the orderliness in this group) and my eyes read the saddest news under the 15 Unread messages, my brain still trying to process all I could type was “WHAT!!!!”

A dental surgeon is gone. A friend and colleague gone! His smile & face just flashed through my eyes all at once memories of him and the conversation we recently had flooded my mind, I had to call another colleague to confirm what I just read before the tears finally flooded my eyes. It is a sad Teethlicious Tuesday and I want us all to observe a moment of silence,…………………………. we have lost a dedicated upcoming smiling dentist. He really had a Teethlicious smile. Always passionate and ever willing to volunteer for dental outreach.

These days you don’t even have to make a call to check up on someone, you can send a text, via SMS, bbm, whatsapp, tweet, fb message, Instagram, telegram, email, these plenty options truly we have no excuse, but often times we fall short and forget and when the sad news of RIP, we all of a sudden remember all these avenues to form familiarity. Let’s stay connected and truly be available for one another even in our busy lives. Always find time to say “Hello” to those you claim matter.

Dr Francis Rhule

My heart is heavy, my mind is racing, my eyes are wet but my lips will say a prayer, “That the Lord comfort your loved ones you left behind, it is the enemy that has done this, his only agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. Let’s recognize the truth, for the Lord is Good, Jesus is the way, truth and the life, he came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. We are Spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. Gone too soon, rest in peace Francis”. Another 15th has robbed us of another Francis. 15th April 2015 Francis Thomas Anderson, 15th August 2016 Dr Francis Rhule.

Let’s stay connected to the vine. It’s #TeethliciousTuesday. I wish you all a blessed day. Thanks for reading.

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