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Shaving Pubic Hair Before Childbirth: 4 Reasons Why it is advised

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In the last several hours, a midwife at the Koforidua Zongo Health Centre in the Eastern Region of Ghana has come under serious criticism for allegedly turning away a pregnant in labour for failing to shave her bushy private parts.

The alleged victim, Bushira Safinau, 25, is reported to have delivered safely on her way back home.

The news, although yet to be fully investigated challenges me to share with you a few reasons why pregnant women MUST shave their pubic hair before delivery.

The truth is, most midwives and particularly gynecologists would always advise you to shave your pubic hair before getting admitted for delivery.

This is basically to prevent infection and make the childbearing process hygienic. Thus the shaving of pubic hair before delivery has been a standard practice for several years.


Below are 4 reasons we gathered from some midwives on why shaving your pubic hair before childbirth is advised

1. It makes it easier for the midwife or doctors to examine the vaginal area and perform certain invasive or surgical procedures such as  suturing any when necessary in the case of vaginal birth.

2. It reduces or prevents cases of vaginal infections as lochia, a vaginal discharge of blood, mucus, and uterine tissue after giving birth would not be able to dry up easily.

3. It makes it easy to clean and ‘tidy up’ immediately after the child is born (postpartum period).

4. It helps you avoid the feeling of shame or embarrassment when the vaginal area is being examined by the midwife or doctors during the process.  


NB: You can always seek the advice of your health professional if you have concerns over shaving your pubic hair.


Remember: Shaving off the pubic hair is a minor ‘worry-free’ thing in childbirth procedure. In worse cases, you can opt for scissor trimming.



By: Jonas Nyabor/Ghana Health Nest


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