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Prinicpal in Dailylight Fraud at Ankaful Nurses Training College


Newly qualified nurses from the Ankaful Nurses Training College are very irritated by an amount of GHC30 being imposed upon them by the Principal of the School, Mrs. Grace Aba Inkoom, before endorsing her official signature and stamp on newly qualified registered mental nurse confirmation forms.


According to sources, if a nurse refuses to pay the GHC30, the form as usual will not be endorsed by this ‘corrupt worm’ in the person of the principal.


Some victims of this executive scam, who are mostly nurses, lamenting indicated that they had no option than to pay the money because if the form is not signed by the principal, it is likely it may not be accepted by the Nurses and Midwifery Council.


According to them, the money being collected is illegal and gross violation of administrative procedures because no receipt is given after paying the money.


Our investigations at the Nursing and Midwifery council have it that the council has not asked the principal of the school to collect any money before endorsing the form.


But in a telephone interview with a senior nursing teacher at the Ankaful Nurses Training College, Mr. Peter Adodey, who was alleged to be collecting the money on behalf of the principal denied the allegation saying ‘it is untrue and unfounded’.


‘The principal has warned that no one should take anything from any student even if they are giving out voluntarily,’ he said.

Grace Aba Incoom, Prinicipal,Ankaful NTC, who was involved in a funds misappropriationrecently
Grace Aba Incoom, Principal, Ankaful NTC, who was involved in misappropriation of funds recently


Adding that ”……initially, some of the students in the spirit of appreciation to the principal were giving out monies and other ‘things’ but it was rejected’, the Senior Nursing Officer revealed.


According to Peter Adodey, because of the past experiences, Mrs. Grace Aba Inkoom had issues with some students and the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) hence the order.


‘Last year she had problems with EOCO in connection of some allegations leveled against her so this time around she instructed we do not take anything from any student,” he said.


Although Mr. Peter Adodey stated that the college has refunded the money given by some nurses voluntarily, our investigations revealed that no such money was refunded.


Close sources further revealed that some students have reported the incident to the Ministry of Health and the BNI.

Efforts to contact Mrs. Grace Aba Inkoom, proved abortive as the school’s telephone lines were not reachable.




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