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Healthy foods: Oats Banku with Okro Soup

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Hello there folks, hope your week has been blessed. Today, I serve you something soupy! Lol..
Banku, is normally prepared with cassava and corn dough or flour, but that makes it super high in carbohydrates. To make it a much healthier option and still a yummy delight, I opted to blend my jumbo uncut Oats into a powder and substitute it for the corn dough.. Trust me, it tastes super delicious!!!!!  The okro soup was also made with not a single drop of oil apart from that from the beef. In all, I managed to cut down the amounts of calories and cholesterol by a few substitutions and omissions and still arrived at a super tasty but very healthy meal.
Hope you all like it..  Do comment and share your opinions or how differently you prepare your banku and okro soup.
Love you all. 😄😘


1cup of jumbo Oats flour
A fist size of cassava dough
10 small crabs
Blended spices (garlic, coriander, chilli pepper, red onions, ginger)
15 fingers of okro
2 garden eggs
A chunk of tuna /grouper fish
A pound of beef
Juice of one lemon
Powdered Paprika/cayenne/chilli pepper
Sodium bicarbonate /baking soda
Powdered shrimps and fish
Salt to taste

Prep time: 20mins
Cook time: 45mins
Serving size: 3 – 5

Okro Soup
1. Wash beef with copious amount of water and lemon juice, cut into chunks, place in a saucepan under medium heat, add a tablespoon of blended spices, a teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 a teaspoon of Powdered pepper, salt to taste, a cup of water and allow to cook for 10mins.
2. Whiles beef is cooking,in another saucepan, add 2and 1/2cups of water(600mls), 4 tablespoons of Blended spices, 1 tablespoon each of Powdered shrimps and fish, and bring to a boil under medium heat.
3. Wash and prepare crabs and set aside.
4. Wash, and grate okro,add 1/2 a teaspoon of salt pitre(kanwa), add about 50mls of hot water and beat with a fork for about 5mins.
5. Dice garden eggs and add to boiling soup after 10mins.
6. Add crabs, fish, beef with its sauce to the mix, lower heat and allow to cook for another 10mins.
7. Add beat okro, and some salt to taste and allow soup to simmer for 5-7mins.

Oats Banku
1. Hand mix cassava dough and jumbo Oats flour with 1 and 1/2cups of water(360mls) in a saucepan, add salt to taste and place on low heat.
2. Stir continously with ladle on heat till mixture becomes thicker and gradually more solid.  Continue to stir to mix content thoroughly together, allow all parts of the mixture to cook and avoid lumps from forming.
3. Cook for 7-10mins,add little amount of water at a time if it feels too firm, allow to cook an extra 3-5mins,stir with ladle.
4. Mold into sizable shapes.

Serve with okro soup.

Food sure tastes good, but tastes even better when healthy!!


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