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Photo: Are nurses still their worth?


Are professional nurses worth their value today like before?

Today there are over 40,000 practicing nurses in Ghana representing a ratio of 1: 739 persons of the general population. The demand and value for professional nurses inarguably should record a nose dive in the next few years.

Increasing numbers of health institutions and nurses are getting trained into the system, even worse is the fact patients are learning faster to take care of themselves with available technology.

Professional nurses are challenged more than ever; losing bargaining power, and a tipping negative feedback from patients by the day.

Truth be told, it is time for both existing and upcoming nurses to add more value, incredibly innovate, be much more human or get replaced with robots.

Ghana Nurse Health Technology

Image: Sandra, a modern day nurse in her scrubs about to assist a patient with a wheel chair on admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

[Photo & narration: © Kobby Blay]

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