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‘Money Doubling’ by some Traditional healers is falsehood and unethical


The Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC)  has cautioned the Ghanaian public to be wary of the recent money doubling craze being engaged in by some quacks and charlatans among the traditional medicine practitioners.

Torgbuigua Yaka IV, registrar of TPMC, at a press conference on Tuesday in Accra described such money doubling moves as a complete falsehood that should not be accepted.

He said in recent times some people claiming to be registered under the TMPC had subjected some unsuspecting Ghanaians to the falsehood of “money doubling,” to make them rich overnight.

“Indeed, we are all, particularly management of the TPMC, concerned about the development. In consequence, many persons have been duped, killed through poisoning and or gunshot, whilst other culprits have become inexplicably rich by virtue of their crime.”

He, therefore called on the media to facilitate the elimination of quacks and charlatans among the traditional medicine practitioners.

The TPMC, he said, was an agency under the Ministry of Health, mandated under the Traditional Medicine Practice Act 2000 (ACT575) to promote, control and regulate traditional health practices, adding that, the TPMC together with other stakeholders were gatekeepers, tasked to ensure public safety.

The Registrar urged the media to play a key role in promoting effective, safe and quality traditional and alternative healthcare by engaging in responsible advertisement and publicity for these practitioners.

He explained that, licenses issued by TMPC were not accredited for the purposes of conducting magic on clients and also such information were not disclosed by prospective applicants for registration to the agency in the course of their application.

He noted that investigations on the activities of such culprits revealed that they lure their clients by false pretences and have adopted means of eliminating those who appear to be troublesome in their efforts to retrieve their monies and properties.

Torgbuigua Yaka IV said, any person or groups of persons who have suffered such treatments from people claiming to be spiritualists should report to the police and the TMPC for appropriate steps to be taken.

Nana Ajei Frimpong, member of the TPMC said all claims by traditional practitioners to possess the ability of money doubling (sika adruo) were magical and cautioned people against it, adding that “Money should be worked for and there are no shortcuts to success”.

In an interview with the GNA, Togbe Massa Alowonu Adenyo, National Chair of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association, explained that there was a clear difference between magic and psychic, saying that, psychic use the relationship between body and soul to heal while magic uses fraudulent means to achieve an aim.

Unfortunately, these powers are been misused by practitioners he said, noting that, Act 575 of the Traditional Medicine Practice Act does not allow them to engage in such work.

He said his practice group worked tirelessly to rid it ranks of such quacks and charlatans.



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