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Man locks head in cage to quit smoking


A determined 42-year-old Turkish man has locked his head in a cage in order to kick his old habit of smoking.

Ibrahim Yucel in head cage

Ibrahim Yucel, in his 26-year-old of smoking will usually smoke two packets of cigarettes per day.Upon choosing to quit,he keeps his head locked up on a cage, hands over the keys of his head cage to his wife and daughter as he leaves his home every day.

This helps him fight his craving as he is unable to open the cage during the day.

Yucel has tried several times to kick the habit but without success and is wearing the helmet-like cage in a last-ditch attempt to quit smoking.

Yucel’s father had died of lung cancer caused by smoking few years ago.

Yucel’s family was initially shocked when he donned the unusual head gear a week ago, but they have now started supporting his determination to stop smoking.

According to Yucel, he was inspired to create the helmet-like head cage by observing motorcycle helmets, after trying without success to quit smoking several times in the past.

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