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Ultimate Guide to Keeping Healthy Lips for Everyone


Tempted to say liplicious tuesday but well scratch that. Most of us spend time picking out the right lip color  and think about the beauty of our lips, but few of us think about the health of our lips. In fact, they are often ignored although its one of the most used voluntary organs and its just right in the face

Lets look at a few tips for lip care, remember this is not restricted to females, and its irrespective of your lip shape, I advise the males to note and apply the tips also, it’s not easy but take it seriously.



  1. Stop Licking your Lips

    When our lips dry out we try to hydrate them with our saliva, but this actually dries them out more and can cause painful cracking.

  2. Use the Right Lip balm/ moisturizers

    You may be sold on whatever brand of lip gloss Kim Kardashian uses, but you should be thinking in terms of being smooth and supple. The best products for your lips have a base of beeswax, petroleum jelly or paraffin because they seal in moisture and won’t evaporate as quickly as some glosses.
    After you’ve brushed your teeth at night, put the moisturizer/balm or shea butter on your lips, rubbing it on them and a little bit around your mouth until you can’t see it. Leave it on overnight, and during the night it will soak into your lips and dry, leaving them smooth, soft and perfect.

  3. Scrub your Lips Once a Week

Your lips take a beating every day. With all that talking (and kissing) they deserve a massage now and then. Exfoliating your lips once a week with a gentle lip scrub can keep the microscopic build-up at bay. A light lip scrub can do the trick in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to buy a special scrub; just mix one up at home. Here’s what to do;

• Mix a teaspoon of sugar (brown/white), a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil.
• Wet your lips with warm water.
• Rub the scrub over your lips in a circular motion with your finger.
• Rinse your lips, and repeat if necessary.

 4. Try a soft-bristled toothbrush.

If your lips are too dry to be corrected with a scrub, try using a toothbrush to do the job. Wet your lips and rub a clean toothbrush over them using a gentle circular motion. Rinse your lips and repeat if you still see skin flakes there.

5. Hydrate your body for healthier lips.

The big picture. Drinking plenty of water is key to having great-looking lips. When your body is dehydrated, your lips are often the first place where it shows. Drink water throughout the day so your lips never get the chance to dry out.
• Try replacing coffee and alcohol with water whenever possible, since water is better for your lips.
• Salty foods dry out your lips, so when you eat salt, make up for it by drinking extra water.

6. Consume a balanced diet:

Vitamin E is said to be most effective vitamin for healthy lips. Consume balanced diet of nutrition and vitamins especially green vegetables and fresh fruits.

7. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your lips every day.

(Now I’m talking to the females): Many lip products use alcohol, fragrances, and dyes to create long-lasting color. Some lipsticks even contain lead, which can lead to health problems if ingested in large quantities. You don’t have to throw out your lipstick collection, but it pays to be aware of what you’re putting on your lips, and to go natural as often as possible #teamnatural.

8. Before you apply your lipstick:

  • Fold a tissue in half and run it under water.
  • Squeeze it so that it is not soaking, but moist/damp.
  • Run it over your lips to moisten them
  • Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly or shea butter to moisten and soften your lips.
  • Press your lips together for 15-30 seconds. Make sure the Vaseline/petroleum jelly is well absorbed.
  • Apply a thin coat of lipstick (it’s usually best to stick with neutral tones, but if you like bright reds, do it!)
  • Blot out by kissing off the excess lipstick on the back of your hand. DO NOT use a tissue for this, as little bits could stick to your lips.
  • Apply a thicker coat of lip gloss to shine
  • Pucker up!
  • Practice your smile
  • Take a selfie, Stay Gorgeous Stay Professional!

Happy Liplicious Tuesday oops  I mean Teethlicious Tuesday!

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