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Let’s get familiar with the dental chair

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One man’s meat is another man’s poison. As a dental surgeon, the dental chair is my meat and I am so familiar with it that I forget that it might be another patient’s poison (fear). For many people, going to the dentist is highly unpleasant. Mere thoughts of the sounds made by electric dental equipment are enough to turn both children and adults into nervous wrecks. It doesn’t have to be this way. Ignorance breeds fear; many anxious patients can make dental visits easier for themselves simply by learning about the mysterious equipment they may see during their appointment.

Dental phobias may stem from an unpleasant dental experience you had when you were younger. Or perhaps you have a fear of pain, needles, or simply hearing the “buzz” of a drill. Whatever the cause, it’s important to take charge of your oral health and not let fear of the dental chair take charge of you. (Tweet that)

There is always a first time for everything, and I usually don’t blame the first timers, I mean its confusing, it looks like a chair, but what’s that long attachment, that makes it look like a bed also or some salon/ spa chair. Will I sit or lie down for my dental treatment? It is confusing at first, that’s why we will get familiar before your next visit.

Remember the dental chair is the operating table for the dental surgeon, it’s a cool adjustable comfortable chair designed with the patient in mind. The picture below shows parts of the dental chair, simplified for patient’s understanding.

Parts of the dental chair

dental chair parts


Here is a 6- step sequence to easily remember
1. Sit closer to the back rest
2. Tilt to your left and face same side of chair direction. If it’s a left-handed chair for a left-handed dental surgeon, tilt right.
3. Rest your back
4. Elevate legs onto the chair: Not sure if  footwear should be on or off, ask the dental surgery assistant.
5. Place arm on Arm rest and rest your head.
6. Smile, you just nailed it!



Below are the unacceptable posture for dental chair sitting. Click to enlarge image.


no 5no 4No 3No 2No 1no 6

Now that you are familiar with the dental chair, your next appointment will be on point, the dental assistant & surgeon will praise you. Please share with family and friends to also make you proud.
Happy Teethlicious Tuesday, Stay Gorgeous & Stay Professional.

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