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How to save time and the hustle anytime you visit the hospital


You may spend an average of 4-5 hours any time you visit the hospital, this can be worrying and possibly complicate your condition,Worst of it all, not getting what you want.

Punctuality , inadequacy of care givers, delay in finding documents among others have always been the factor. But are there anything you could do either to beat the tradition?..


These 14 tips can help you save the time and hustle

1. Never wait till you are very ill, report immediately when you feel sick.

2. If you have been booked or on appointment, call the hospital  a day before to confirm.

3. Set out early and arrive about 30 minutes early, if you have an appointment or a referral.

4. Ensure you have every necessary documents; NHIS (if possible make photocopies) and any other identification cards, including referral letters, laboratory results.

5. When asking for help, directions, Know who you are speaking to. The tendency to inquire about where to find what and who you are looking for is always high, be sure you know who you are speaking to. Ask for names and work orientation, or check name tag. Call out to confirm and don’t forget to introduce yourself either.

6. Give every details about your visit and condition, especially at the consulting room. Do not be shy. If you aren’t comfortable with the caregiver be bold and polite to tell and explain why.

7. Listen and listen well if possible ask to record instructions you are given. Ask whoever gives the instruction; nurse, doctor, pharmacist to repeat anything you arent clear about.

8. Seek for second opinion if you feel like.

9. Take a contact of that nurse or doctor, pharmacist and keep it safe, you may need it, if not at all, call to express an appreciation.

10. How close a hospital might be to you does not guarantee a timely response. A personal experience taught me a lot that the facility may be close but it could be frustrating seeking care from. Advisably, maintain one, at most two health facility.

11.When seeking for services from others such as diagnostic centers, be sure it is professional, results can be trusted. Other clients could recommend, but find out from the doctor or whoever ordered for it.

12.Be sure to know if not at all something about who you are assisting if it is an emergency. You will be required to play the ‘relative’ in the interim until ‘relations” arrive.

13.Save any argument or debates, show appreciation or compliment as much as it is due.

14. Find out how to live a healthy life, stay Preventive, and keep a proper lifestyle. Ask your doctor or nurse how.


Credit: Kobby Blay/Ghana Health Nest


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