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New Health policy and research centre launched


A new health policy and research centre to help address challenges affecting the health industry in the country and the West African sub-Region has commenced.


The centre, was established by the the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra.


The centre, known as “Centre for Health System and Policy Research (CHESPOR)”,  will provide high level research and training towards the understanding, development and strengthening of the health system.


The centre would provide four main services in research and development, teaching and training, advisory and consultancy and policy engagement, advocacy and communication.


It also aims at drawing on theoretical insights and empirical evidence regarding health systems, policy analysis, reforms, challenges and strategies that can improve on the sector.



Courses outlined in the program, will expose participants, health workers and those working or interested in the field and related fields to think critically about the health systems, policies and research. The courses are designed to enable discussions and exchange of ideas on improved planning and implementation practice on healthcare issues and priorities in public health settings in developing countries.


The centre will pursue collaborative engagements with partners from Ghana and other African countries in West African sub-region to work, share and support the core values of health policy and systems research.


CHESPOR, will further engagements with practitioners, policymakers, media, civil service organisations (CSOs), local communities and developing partners in the health sector in terms of policy engagement and advocacy.


Other short programs are expected to be commenced in various disciplines to build quality human resource in the sector.

The entire duration for this year’s training is two weeks. For subsequent years, the duration for the short course training will range between three to four weeks, organised twice a year–(thus, 3-4 weeks per semester).


Special provision will be made available for custom-made training for our partner organizations and clients.



More about GIMPA’s CHESPOR program here




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