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Photo of the Day: Friends call me ‘asylum’ because of my appearance


“Many think I am mentally ill, some friends even call me ‘asylum’ all because of my dressing. So I visited the hospital to find out if its true, I was told that I am fine now when anyone call me asylum I respond ” I am fine,what about you”.

Many others continue to face prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behaviour in our communities today. Worse of are persons who might have suffered some form of mental illness.

This treatment may come from the misguided views that people with mental health problems may be more violent or unpredictable than people without such problems, or somehow just “different”, but none of these beliefs has any basis in fact.

Such reactions are best described as stigmatization, they can lead to isolation, poor social support, poorer subjective quality of life, and low self-esteem . As well as it’s affect on the quality of daily living, stigma also has a detrimental affect on treatment outcomes, and so hinders efficient and effective recovery from mental health problems.

Stop the stigma today.




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