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The tooth – your body’s precious gem


Its Teethlicious Tuesday,  on this day we talk about the “Tooth”,  nothing but the “Tooth”.

Let’s discuss about the precious gem in your body.

I believe God created everything and he created them beautiful. Majority of the beautiful things are hidden, buried and usually require discovery and placement of value. Man is believed to be formed from earth, so I know that the creator placed 32 beautiful gems in a hole called the mouth. I have been fascinated by the comparison of the teeth with diamonds. If a diamond is forever, a tooth is forever also.

Anytime someone had to visit me with toothache and all they want is the tooth extracted. I ask, “If your fingers hurt, will you amputate them?” With wide eyes, “NOOOO!!!” Most often they burst out laughing, some saying “Doctor, you paaaaa”. I slowly shake my head, and recognize that the root of the problem is there is no value placed on the natural teeth. Some go through daily teeth brushing routine and don’t even know why.

I hope to help change your perception about your precious gems. Let’s do a brief comparison with a diamond.

The tooth is the hardest substance in the human body, and contains the highest percentage of minerals. Diamond, is the hardest naturally occurring material known.

The diamond shape is said to have a crown and a pavilion, the tooth has a crown and a root.

Diamonds are judged on several factors that determine their beauty. If you have ever purchased a diamond, you would have heard of the “4Cs” cut, clarity, carat and color

  1. Cut- this refers to a diamond’s geometric proportions and how it has been cut. When a diamond is cut, facets are created and the diamond’s finished shape is determined. The teeth have already been cut into incisors, canines, premolars and molar shapes.
  2. Clarity – this is the measurement of a diamond’s flaws, or inclusions that are seen in the diamond. Clarity levels begins with flawless and move to Very Very Slight, Very slight and slightly included. Tooth also can be flawless and inclusions may be visible with/without magnifications.
  3. Carat – this is the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to about 200 milligrams. Generally a tooth will weigh anywhere between 0.51 grams and 2.28 grams. A front tooth weighs around 1.13 grams.
  4. Color- Diamond color range beginning with icy white and ending with a light yellow. The natural tooth color is within a range of light grayish to yellow shades.

I can’t talk about diamonds without talking about the sparkling effect, now stop for a minute and smile at someone, they automatically respond to the sparkle. Picture a face without teeth, won’t you agree that the presence of teeth in a smile definitely brightens the face? Isn’t the teeth, the “bling-bling” to the face?

This brief comparison should help you to place great value on the diamonds in your mouth; When you rise each morning and before you go to bed at night, remember you have to polish the diamonds in your mouth with fine abrasives and tools -toothpaste and brush.

If you need more understanding on how to maintain your ‘diamonds’ properly, stay tuned here on #Teethlicious Tuesdays, you should also book an appointment with a dentist near you, and let them check it out.

Step out, Stay gorgeous.

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