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How to Beat Stress and Boredom during Recovery after Surgery


Advised to take more rest i.e be in bed esp while recovering from some illness or after surgery?. This can be boring and stressful.

Here are some tips on how to spend your post-op time in the hospital and at home as entertained, productive, healthy, and optimistic as possible.

1. Read or Listen to books on CD or phone. Sometimes it’s easier to listen to a book than to read.

2. Listen to music, learn a new song and sing it often – forget about how bad your voice may be, keep singing.

3. Chronicle your recovery on in a diary or online eg Facebook, or start a blog—an online diary that allows you to chronicle your recovery and automatically notifies your network of friends and family each time you update it.
You can also use this moment to get started on that short story or novel you’ve always wanted to write

4. On the ward, play games with the staff nurses, visitors like cards, chess, Scrabble, or ludu, oware. Learn a new skill or game.

5. Meditate; Meditation is great for reducing stress and producing an overall feeling of calm and well-being, all of which contributes to healing. Breathe slowly (visualize a soothing color going in, a stressful negative color out) and repeat a statement such as “I am well” to yourself.

You can also sit still for a while each day: “Stillness is the altar of spirit” as philosopher Alan Watts put it poetically. It will help you get in touch with yourself and what is truly important. Post-surgery is the ideal time for reflection.

6. Write a short thank you (or appreciation note) to the person, medical team who is caring for you and put it in the same place for them to find each day.

7. Take a walk to get some sunshine: A daily walk, particularly with a friend or loved one, can be a real boost to your mood but the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will enhance your immune system. It helps you doze off at night too (more in a bit).

Recovery may feel slow at times but it will happen and you can remain mindful of your health. Try to look at the sunny side of a situation rather than focusing on the negative.

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