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Avoid Airport Women’s Hospital – Patient relative


Setbacks that befall Ghana’s health care services are a puzzle full thus affords its players almost with no idea where to begin solving them from.

Fortunately patient feedback and experiences are enough a clue, facilities set up to provide essential services such as maternal health care cannot be spared the leisure of an excuse should their actions (almost) cause an addition to the number of maternal complications or mortality the country records.

Trending on facebook is an ordeal a pregnant mother faced when she was rushed to the Airport women’s Hospital by relatives and friends last Saturday.

This feedback has been trending on facebook about the facility supposed to be at “the heart of feminine care”.

The post reads….

“Late last night some friends and i rushed our friend to the Airport Women’s Hospital. She’s in her 3rd trimester and the facility has been the one she’s been using since she got pregnant.

1. It takes us close to 5 minutes to enter the premises because the gate man had locked it up and holed himself up in a room 140m away.

2. My friend had tummy pains and it turns out she’s getting some form of contraction. It takes the three nurses on duty close to 10 minutes to bring over the CTG machine to start the scan – to see if baby is ok.

3. My friend complaints of breathlessness and the first oxygen equipment is brought in. Folks they had no idea how to operate it. After a few try and errors they say they have fixed it only for one of them to return with another oxygen machine cos the first one apparently was not working well.

4. Folks, for a women’s hospital, the Airport Women’s Hospital has no doctors on duty at night. They are on call. After the doctor had prescribed the scan, he or she could not be reached again.

5. My friend had indicated that she reacts to a particular type of painkiller so they should not administer that. Ladies and gentlemen the three nurses had no clue what else to give as a replacement.

6. All this while ny friend was writhing in pain from the incessant contractions.

7. I had called one of my doctor friends who said to me that i should find out from the nurses what they intended to do to arrest the contractions. They had no clue and they kept making reference to the medicine my friend could not take. I lost my cool and yelled “so what the fuck else are you going to do since that medicine is out of thequestion?”. They had no answer.

8. Meanwhile my friend had said if they dont stop the contractions it could lead to her going into premature labour and that was not a very palatable situation. He forcefully suggested i move her to another hospital where there were doctors on duty and who knew what to do.

9. Why will the hospital put three nurses together who had no idea what to do. They couldn’t find an appropriate medicine from the pharmacy (or did they say the pharmacy was closed?). They were clueless and the more i waited, the more i felt i could lose my friend especially when she was experiencing breathlessness and her eyes had reddened and she was sweating.

10. When we had decided to take her away, one of the nurses shows up with the IV of diclofenac! Imagine. We said no, and i said to them “i dont trust you and i dont trust your hospital”.

11. We asked for an ambulance. The ambulance driver was not around. We carried her same way we brought her to another facility.

The Airport Women’s Hospital is located in Airport. Not some poor, far away suburb in Accra. If this facility can offer such near-death experience to patients then we shd not be too suprised about the high death rates across the country. Why subject paying patients to such medicre services?

If we didn’t have a car, got access to another doctor on the phone for directions, be bold to demand answers and pray to God, the end result of this wouldn’t have been good. So tell me why i wont say that if you value your life u wouldn’t attend this hospital?” – Kwame Gyan/facebook.com

Patient so far is doing fine, Kwame Gyan tells Ghanahealthnest.com’s Kobby Blay via facebook. Some staff of the hospital have also tried reaching the disturbed ‘relative’, but Kwame Gyan says he is bent on sending a petition to the appropriate regulatory institutions to inflict the necessary measures to curb such near fatal situations occurring in some health facilities in the capital.

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