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Aburi mountains – Accra’s newest fitness destination


For some unknown reasons, the Aburi mountains have gained a lot of popularity in the last few months as the go to for any fitness enthusiast.

Unlike a few years past, one could easily count how many people climbed the mountain, today  you are unable to figure out what the numbers will be the next Saturday. Hundreds now throng  Ayi Mensah(start of the mountain) to climb all way up the mountain to Peduase or further.

So what exactly makes this place ideal to many and why this recent traffic?..

Aburi mountains ghana fitness


  1. Medium and ”Make-up”

Peduase Aburi mountains keep fit Ghana

The Aburi mountain has  an amazing and breathtaking scenery which makes it the ideal walking and jogging route with a much refreshing air as one goes up the altitude. One would agree that this is so much refreshing than the petrol choked one in the city.

2. Meet-ups

Almost everyone is nicer and approachable, and if its a memory you wanted to have with anyone, a simple request will get you there.  Many do not mind sharing their weight loss experiences and why they are climbing. Many have found partners who would call them for the next climbing session.

As time goes on you develop strong friendships with your climbing partners due to the level of trust involved and through sharing challenges and experiences.

Dont get it twisted, most of your facebook and instagram friends will meet you either way up or down.

3. Motivation

Your most popular day to exercise is always “tomorrow.”, but motivating yourself to exercise is, and must be, an ongoing activity.

Ones ability to conquer the mountain isnt just a matter of making the decision. It requires that constant tap on shoulder, encouraging words, the sight of others, and this doesnt come any better than what one will experience here.

4. Music

listening to music Accra fitness running Aburi mountains

The serenity makes a lot more difference listening to that favorite tune. Its such a scene; everyone has a headphone or ear piece.

A 2010 study found that cyclists actually worked harder when listening to faster music as compared to music at a slower tempo. But too fast is no good, either. Songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) have the maximum effect on moderate exercisers.

5. Movement

Group fitness Aburi mountains Ghana

Reasons to “exercise,” should not just be focused on things like appearance, weight, and stress management.

Psychology 101 will tell you intrinsic motivation like enjoyment and challenge makes you more likely to start and stick with a new habit. So sign up for and join a group; a far more easier thing to do at this venue, no need to fill forms or pay dues.

You may set of as an individual pursuit, but be ready for the social component because you’re never alone, and shouldn’t be – may be.

6. More Gears and Gadgets

fitness climbing aburi mountains

Climbing the Aburi mountains, you are at liberty to use those gadgets and take all the selfies without restriction, not even what to wear and when to take that selfie and share with your friends.

7. Mixed factor

fitness climbing aburi mountains Ghana

Everyone goes here and is free. Size, weight, height, color matters not. You are under no obligation to be shy about yourself.
8. Marketing opportunities

Billboards Peduase Aburi mountain keep fit Awake Water

From very large to small, companies have mounted their billboards not to target road users alone but the growing number of fitness enthusiast, typical example is the ”Awake Mineral Water” a product which brands itself as the best choice for any person with the goal of staying fit.

Going for the first time?

  • Exercising outdoors, means you become part of a community, which consists of the  people and nature who are sharing the experience of the outdoors.
  • Be in the right gears; colourful, nonrestrictive clothing, a comfortable shoe, a bottle of water and your smart phone not only for the selfies but in case of emergencies.
  • It’s natural to be scared of heights, the more you climb, the more confident in your own ability you will become.
  • Keep to right of the road while going up or coming down, it is the safest as rocks sometimes fall at the left side
  • Show respect, be friendly and attentive to others hiking the mountain.
  • Do not liter as you climb, carry a plastic bag if you can to pick up small pieces of trash found along the way.
  • Admire the wildlife from a distance. Never approach, feed or touch animals or any strange plant.
  • Stay on marked trails. Do not create or erode new ones.
  • Protect the natural environment and scenery; leave behind what you find; plants, flowers, rocks,and other objects as you found them.


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