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Mukaase: Grilled Plantain with Taro leafs and tuna

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Hi folks, a beautiful day to you all… Hope we are all making a more conscious effort to eat healthy but still enjoy all our yummy recipes. Today’s recipe requires no frying, not at all, but had all the glorious goodness to kick your taste buds!

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Grilled plantain with taro leaves and tuna

2 fingers of unripe plantain
2 eggs
6-10 cassava leaves /kontonmire /taro leaves
2 red onions
A handful of mixed chilli pepper (red/yellow/green)
Tuna fish
Salt to taste

Cook time: 20mins
Serving size: 2



Grinded Kontonmire
1. Wash all vegetables under running water till clean.
2. Place two eggs in a saucepan, add water and bring to a boil for 5-7mins.
3. Put kontonmire leaves in a colander, cover with a lid and place over boiling egg. Steam for 5mins.
4. In an earthenware bowl, chop onions, chilli pepper and grind to a pulp.
5. Add steamed kontonmire and salt to taste, and grind roughly. Add tuna fish.


Roasted Unripe Plantain
Peel and cut plantain into desired sizes, grill over low to medium heat for 5-10minutes.

Dish out food and serve.

Grinded kontonmire can be served with boiled yam, cocoyam , rice, plantain, sweet potatoes  etc

Food sure tastes good, but tastes even better when healthy.


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