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10 tips for your first visit to a dentist


It’s Teethlicious Tuesday!

Majority of people visit the dentist only when their tooth hurts and they have exhausted all mediocre knowledge and suggestions. But a dentist sees much more than your teeth, in fact the mouth is a reflection of the body, we may notice the lesion on your tongue or cheek (pick early signs of oral cancer or other diseases), and even have an explanation to why you have bad breath or bleeding gums or dry mouth. Read the 10 reasons why you should know your oral health status before you digest the following tips.

Here are 10 tips for your first visit to a dentist:

Tip 1.  Be truthful. We know the pain didn’t just start last night, it started a while ago you have been bearing it, it’s just that last night you couldn’t sleep that’s why you came. We know so scratch that lie. You don’t have to say you brush twice daily if you don’t, because your teeth and gums will testify on examination and you will be found guilty.lying-liar


Tip 2.. Have breakfast before your dental visit: We know it hurts but try to have breakfast, it helps with dealing with the long waiting periods and avoids fainting and also time wasting when we eventually tell you to go and get a snack before a treatment.

Tip 3.. Avoid putting on heavy facial makeup the morning of your visit especially foundation & lipsticks. It stains the gloves and instruments and sometimes stains white lab coats. You might be given tissue paper to wipe and reduce the makeup. You can keep a make-up kit in your handbag, a dental clinic is bound to have numerous mirrors to do your touch up and contours after your appointment.

Tip 4.. Don’t be alarmed when the dental chair moves. The dental chair is an operating table, we are surgeons remember, we are just nice surgeons so the operating table is shaped in a spa chair form so you can feel comfortable and at home..



Tip 5.. Be patient. We know it can be annoying sitting for a while and it isn’t your turn yet. And you are wondering isn’t it just a tiny part of your body, why so much delay. You need to understand that the dental clinic is both a consulting room and a treatment room. So it isn’t a drive-through KFC where you can scream at the attendant to hurry up.

Tip 6.. Know the names of the medications you take daily and why you take them. “My doctor told me to take it” or “its red and yellow, small and bitter” is no longer an option, its 2016 we are in the information age. The mouth is a mirror of the body and so it can show signs of side effects of some medications. If you can’t pronounce the names correctly or you might forget, write it on a paper or take a picture with your smartphone before leaving home, or you can carry them along.

Tip 7.. Don’t blame your parents or ancestors or list all the family members who lost their tooth from tooth decay. You rather inherited the “bad habit” of maintaining oral health. Follow our oral hygiene instructions with visit twice yearly, and who knows you may be the one to start and bring change to your generation.

Tip 8.. Be willing to offer your past medical history. We know the problem is in your mouth area, but we are also interested in your recent or past hospitalizations or surgeries or diabetes or hypertension or asthmatic or heart conditions. The mouth is not an island, it’s part of the body. It reflects systemic disease.

Tip 9.. Be ready to consider other options aside extracting your tooth.  We know it hurts and you just want it out. But we don’t want you to throw the baby out with the bath water. The world has advanced, as we upgrade gadgets to latest versions. Give us the opportunity to offer you upgrades in dental treatments. (Dental treatment Galaxy D edge+ hehe). They are the diamonds in your mouth.

Tip 10.. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Whatever you don’t understand especially terminologies, ask to be broken down to your understanding. We believe prevention is better than cure so we are ready to keep calmeducate. Be involved in the treatment plan, be informed know and understand the details of your treatment both short term and long term. Ask Ask Ask!.
I wonder why people are anxious to make the trip to see a dentist. Should-I-go-or-not kind of dilemma share your reasons in comment below, I had love to hear. I hope these 10 tips has given you vim and boosted your morale. And remember the earlier the better!

Its another Tuesday and you know what to do, “Be Teethlicious“, Stay Gorgeous, Stay Professional.

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